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Renewable Energy

Energocredit Azerbaijan - we want to be your success story

Innovation, energy saving technologies and investment in renewables are the prerequisite for change and Azerbaijani companies' thrive for success. Energocredit offers loans for technology upgrades aiming at energy efficiency and renewable energy investments to:

  • large industrial companies
  • small and medium enterprises (SME).

Energocredit loans can be used for any of the following four categories:

  1. Investments in fixed assets which reduce energy consumption in your production process (industrial and commercial energy efficiency).
  2. Investments in improvement of energy performance in commercial, industrial and residential buildings.
  3. Investments in stand-alone renewable energy.
  4. Financing working capital of eligible manufacturers, suppliers and installers of energy efficiency and/or renewable energy technology, equipment and/or materials.

There are no minimum limits for the loan, so any scale and investment idea is welcome. Planning a more complex project we will gladly provide you with a free of charge Energy Audit for you to choose the best combination of equipment.

When buying new equipment, some companies are put off by the fact that energy efficient models often cost more upfront. In practice they cost less to run than ‘cheaper’ models. Smart companies investing in energy efficiency pay less for operational expenses and that for the lifetime of their equipment. In fact the energy savings could be so significant that they repay the entire cost of the loan in less than five years - as well as:

  • improve production standards and reliability
  • reduce energy costs
  • increase output
  • improve quality and range of output
  • protect the environment and reduce GHG emissions

New opportunities for private companies in Azerbaijan

Energocredit Azerbaijan offers customized loans up to USD 2.5 million for corporate customers who know what investments they have in sight.
To help you achieve good value for your investment, Energocredit Azerbaijan offers: 

  • Attractive financing solutions.
  • Free technical assistance, including Energy Audits.
  • Investment incentive payment – up to 15% of the loan amount. 

For details, please check our Incentive Payment section.

Interested? Please also check your eligibility and case studies. Apply for a loan here.

Or if you have any questions or doubts, don’t hesitate to contact our Energocredit Azerbaijan team at +994 12 597 30 57. We will be happy to assist you.