Free Technical Assistance

Corporate Loans

For Private Companies

For Clients of our Partner Banks, Energocredit provides free technical assistance. As a private company you can obtain advise which technologies are eligible for your investment. Also you can ask our experienced experts to check if your chosen technology is eligible for financing (eligibility check). Additionally, we offer energy audits and technical advice tailored to your needs. Follow this link if you are interested in applying for an audit.

For Partner Banks

Energocredit means free technical assistance and a consulting offer. International and local experts, engineers, marketing and outreach specialists were selected by the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development to work with our Azerbaijani Partner Banks. Through staff training, sales and transaction support, Energocredit helps our local Partner Banks to build and realize the pipeline of projects. 


The website section Eligible Investments has been dedicated to our Partner Banks and will provide them with materials on demand.

To find out more about the technical assistance offer, please contact our team.