For private companies

Incentive Payments
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As a private company:

1. Define your project idea by filling in our application form. Check if you meet the criteria to receive 10% or a 15% Incentive Payment
2a. If you already are a customer of one of the Partner Banks, the Bank will quickly indicate whether it can lend money for the project.
2b. If you are not a customer, choose a bank. The Bank will check if you meet the eligibility criteria for a loan.
3. The Partner Bank forwards your application form to Energocredit Azerbaijan for review. 
4. The Energocredit experts will assess your project in maximum 5 working days and determine whether the project is eligible for Energocredit financing. In this case Energocredit will provide you with an Eligibility Check.
5. If the Bank is willing to lend money to the project, you can ask for an Energy Audit during which Energocredit experts recommend additional measures and your eligibility for a 15% Incentive Payment. In this case Energocredit will provide you with an Energy Audit.
6. The energy audit will take about four weeks and give a detailed report on the energy savings that are achievable. If implemented you are eligible for 15% Incentive Payment.
7. The bank makes the final lending decision and the loan is signed. After implementing the measures you receive an Incentive Payment.