Processing equipment

Energy efficiency and renewable energy investments can be remarkably profitable, generating returns of over 25%, reducing energy consumption, cutting costs and improving an enterprise’s competitiveness and profitability. They are generally of low technical risk, can improve product quality and are fast to implement. Of wider benefit, they reduce greenhouse gas emissions and can stimulate economic activity. Companies have multiple chances to implement energy efficient technologies. By taking advantage of the newest technologies, you can significantly reduce your operational costs. Get a first idea of areas where you could implement energy efficient material here:

  • Boilers: New condensing boilers take heat out of vapour in flue gases, improving boiler efficiency to >90% (compared to old boilers with 65-75% efficiency).
  • Compressed-air systems: are widely used in industry and manufacturing. They power a variety of equipment, including machine tools, material handling and separation equipment, and spray painting equipment. Check out the most efficient compressor types being offered here.
  • Variable speed drives: Replacing electric motors which operate for a large number of hours during a year with energy efficient motors can result in significant energy savings. The use of high-efficiency motors usually goes hand-in-hand with the use of variable speed drives (VSD), which save electrical energy.
  • Extruders: Extruders are commonly used in rubber and plastic product manufacturing as well as food processing industries. New machines have higher performances, and can provide substantial energy savings. In addition, production times can be improved and also a better finishing can be given to the pieces, increasing the products quality.
  • Water efficiency: Irrigation contributes to obtaining higher yields in crops, but are usually very energy and water intensive and thus costly. Two alternative irrigation systems are available, drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation. Check-out our products offered here which will help you saving water and energy.

Check out the most efficient equipment in the sub-categories below and start saving money. If you have questions or would like to get tailor-made expert advice, contact our Energocredit team.